15.6 Inch Dual-Screen Bussiness Laptop Quad Core 16GB 1TQuad Core with Movable Magnetic Pickup Camera Windows 10/11 Gaming PC

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HL156D 15.6 Inch Mian HD Screen 7-inch TP Touch Screen Dual-Screen Bussiness Laptop 16GB 512GB Celeron N5105 Magnetic Suction Camera Quad Core PC

Product Infromation:

11th generation Celeron N5105 CPU

4 cores, 4 threads, up to 2.90GHz

Main screen 15.6-inch IPS high-definition screen

0.4cm four sided narrow border 1920 * 1080 resolution

Secondary screen 7-inch TP touch screen

Handwriting screen 1200 * 1080 resolution

180 ° opening and closing

Transform various forms to the fullest

Creating more freedom in office work

RGB Colorful Backlit Keyboard

Easy to operate

Work at night without worries

Rapid response to massive storage

512G M2 SSD

16 GB DDR (optional)

2 million high-definition cameras

Magnetic separation camera

Received a utility model patent

Independent fingerprint unlocking

One click login

No password required

Cooling fan

10mm thick main copper pipe

Faster fan heating

Body size: 335 * 218 * 17mm

Product Features

The main screen is 15.6-inch PS2K with narrow borders on all sides, accounting for 93% of the screen. The secondary screen is 7-inch with TP touch screen function, providing interactive handover between two screens!

WIFI6+supports M.2 or PCIE+2.5 inch dual hard drive mode with optional hard drive memory

The 11th generation lnte Core i7-1165G7 and Celeron N5105 are compatible with X133 and XU133 boards, and can be customized with 8th to 12th generation cintel processors!

Big round hat RGB seven color backlit keyboard+independent fingerprint unlocking for a unique visual experience

180 ° open close flat, suitable for different scenarios, more efficient office learning!

Magnetic suction separation type 2 million high-definition 30 frame high-definition camera, plug and play display

HL156D Dual Screen Operation Method

With the mouse, you can drag any work interface that you don’t want to display on the main screen to the sub screen below by clicking on the title bar with the mouse

Operation method: Move the mouse arrow to the title bar, hold down the left chain and drag it to the bottom of the main screen, and it will automatically enter the secondary screen

The general application scenario is to drag WeChat, QQ, reference documents, web pages, etc. to the sub screen below to display, so that the main screen can display your work interface in full screen without delaying you from reading WeChat, web pages, etc

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Intel Pentium, i5-10400, Intel N5095, 12th intel core i9-12900H

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